Foam rolling and neurodynamic mobiliztion: an evaluation of pain perception dynamics among powerlifters


  • Tomas Buragas
  • Agnė Slapšinskaitė-Dackevičienė
  • Selen Razon

Klíčová slova:

self report, perception, pain, physiotherapy


Pain and injury are common problems among athletes and recreational powerlifters who perform squats, bench presses and deadlifts. Data suggests that 43.3% of powerlifters experience pain in the course of their workout session. However, little is known with regards to the use of interventions including neurodynamic mobilization and foam rolling for improving the experience of pain among powerlifters. Five female and nine male powerlifters (M age27.14, SD=2.48), with no musculoskeletal injuries in the past 6 months were tested into two groups: 1) foam rolling group (FRG; n=7) and, 2) neurodynamic mobilization group (NMG; n=7). Interventions lasted a total of four weeks for both FRG and NMG. Relative to the subjects in FRG, subjects in NMG reported less pain following the completion of interventions. Regular foam rolling tends to reduce the intensity of moderate pain. However, in contrast to foam rolling, neurodynamic mobilization results in significantly less perception of pain.