Sports recreation program with pre-modeled athletis throwing content


  • Mensur Vrcic
  • Ratko Pavlovič

Klíčová slova:

sports recreation, athletic throwing, health aspects


By using various sports recreation programs, we try to reduce the negative effects of living in today's age. This study defines a sports-recreational program based on athletic throwing exercises. The reduced amount of muscle mass that comes with age and thus the deficit of strength, coordination and balance cause difficulty in movement and the inability to perform harmonious movements. The decline in motor skills that comes at the time of involution can be quite slowed down through recreational programs that target these abilities. Considering that sports recreation is in question, the intensity and scope of action is logically significantly less than competitive training. In addition to the basic disciplines of shot put, discus throw, javelin throw, and hammer throw, the recreational program also used a large number of exercises that throwers use in their training as ancillary exercises as well as exercises with free weights. The aim of this paper is to emphasize the importance of recreational exercise and health and the wider sports and recreational content of athletic throwing.