Review: Statistical methods for evaluating information in sports sciences through SPSS software


  • Ľudmila Jančoková

Klíčová slova:

review, statistical methods


The international university textbook was published by Veda SAV and Academia AV ČR, which aim is to present systematic explanation and interpretation of statistical methods in sports sciences. The author explains statistical knowledge and shows the ways how to solve statistical problems on particular examples, result´s evaluation and interpretation of statistical analysis and gives a warning of the result´s desinterpretation. There are explanations of basic statistical terms, steps and ways of statistical ruminating, types of variables, kinds of statistical selection or range. The textbook presents required knowledge from exploratory data analysis, presents basic descriptive characteristics of statistical signs and fields. On one hand the main emphasis is on consistent interpretation of basic methods of inference data analysis – to estimate the parameters and find out the characteristics of signs´ division and on the other hand it deals with the statistical ways of testing. The publication focuses mainly on the application of theoretical backgrounds of mathematical statistics in particular scientific situations. The author emphasizes the need of subject interpretation of results. He deals with effect sizes coefficients and points out the additional and next way of results´ evaluation with orientation to subject and practical significance, what should be included in every research. All statistical ways are demonstrated by the use of IBM® SPSS® Statistics software, which is used frequently and is generally accepted statistical programme of the world. The advantage and benefit of the publication is clear scientific text, which is applied on particular examples from the sphere of sports sciences; from planning of research´s design up to final interpretation of the results. This publication is the first, which contains a connection between the theory and practice of statistical ways and that is why it can be used broadly. It is addressed mainly to students of sports sciences, to scientific workers and scientists from different spheres and disciplines. The university textbook presents a significant help to deep and detailed results´ analysis, which can
help to move over the knowledge boundaries in sports sciences. The author of the textbook is an assistant professor at the Department of Physical education and sports of Faculty of Arts at Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica. He deals with a problem of the sports chronobiology and the body composition analysis of people from the point of view
of his scientific orientation. From the point of view of educational process, he is interested in soccer´s didactics and methodology of sports sciences in the sphere of application of exploratory and inference data analysis.