• Dávid Líška


The sports field as well as other areas have suffered significant consequences from the COVID19 pandemic. Sport has learned to work even in difficult conditions. Primarily, however, sport suffered a large loss in viewership of live matches, which was also attributed to the worsening economic situation of the sport. Of course, in addition to the economic consequences, the pandemic had a significant impact on the deterioration of the health of the population. Sports science has been useful in ameliorating the consequences of the COVID19 pandemic. Sport and especially exercise play an important role in recovering from the effects of a pandemic. Physically, but also mentally. Sufficient physical activity plays a key role in maintaining the health of the population. Physical activity appears to play a key role in the recovery of multiple conditions. The optimal physical condition represents a protective role and leads to strengthening the immune response against several pathogens. In this issue, you can read several interesting manuscripts dealing with the science of sport. Topics are from the field of nutrition, sports training, and sports rehabilitation. Complemented by a traditional article in the field of statistics and another contribution is a book review.