Vlastné mená výživových doplnkov a voľne predajných liekov pre dospelých


  • Vladimíra Vrajová Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Mateja Bela v Banskej Bystrici


onomastics, serionym, model, pragmatics, gender


Proper Names of Nutritional Supplements and Over-the-counter Drugs for Adults

The paper focuses on the proper names of over-the-counter drugs and nutritional supplements for adult users, with a research sample of 202 names. The aim is to abstract and typologize the motivants of serionyms, to generalize their communicative and pragmatic potential with regard to linguistic form, target group of consumers and functional members. The tool to fulfill the goal is model and pragmatic analysis, which falls within the research field of onomastics and pragmalinguistics. The pragmatic function of serionyms is related both to the preservation of their appellative semantics and to the way they are produced, namely at the level of motivation and invention. The focus on the target group manifests itself by acting on the emotional or rational component of the percipient's personality, exposing gender stereotypes. The communicative and pragmatic potential of the selected proper names is implemented at the systemic level, first of all, in the functional member of the property, which is an abstraction of figurative naming and template-like gender attributes, and which refers both to the composition and characteristics of the product, and to the characteristics of the user. Meanwhile, the variability of the serionyms increases with increasing number of functional members from two-member models to six-member models.

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Vrajová, Vladimíra. 2022. Vlastné mená výživových doplnkov a voľne predajných liekov pre dospelých. In: Nová filologická revue, 14(1), 131–155. Available at: https://doi.org/10.24040/nfr.2022.14.1.131-155