Špecifiká diplomatického tlmočenia v novoveku (1492 – 1914)


  • Lizaveta Madej Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Komenského v Bratislave, Bratislava


diplomatic interpreting, history of interpreting, foreign research in interpreting, Modern Age interpreting


Diplomatic interpreting specifics in modern age (1492-1914)

The subject of this study is diplomatic interpreting and its specifics within the modern era (1492 – 1914). One objective is to identify and analyse the specifics of the communication environment, tasks and status of interpreters in Europe and other continents, and to emphasise the influence of time and space determinants on diplomatic interpreting development. Another objective is to point out the long process of both the professionalization and institutionalisation of this activity. Description of the continuously changing characteristics of diplomatic interpreting is applied to define the events that influenced it the most as well as the factors that had mostly contributed to its current features (e.g. establishing interpreting academies and schools, establishing court interpreters offices and secretariats, etc.). The aim of this study is to provide as much factual illustrative evidence as possible about the importance and frequency of interpretation within diplomatic and high political circles already in the era of modern imperia, and to convince both professionals and public how exceptional diplomatic interpreting is as one of the oldest types of interpretation. Special attention is paid to distinctive features diplomatic interpreting bears. They were formed several centuries; some have retained their authentic form, some have been modified (stationary, bipartite, exclusivity etc.). The third objective is to emphasise the diversity of diplomatic interpreting history to highlight the number of progressive changes that have occurred during its development. Thus, diplomatic interpreting can be defined as a distinctive, specific complex of situations.

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Madej, Lizaveta. 2022. Špecifiká diplomatického tlmočenia v novoveku (1492 – 1914). In: Nová filologická revue, 14(1), 76–91. Available at: https://doi.org/10.24040/nfr.2022.14.1.76-91