Preklad voľných a ustálených slovných spojení


  • Barbara Jakubičková Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Konštantína Filozofa v Nitre, Nitra


translation, translation strategies, human relationships, free word combination, fixed word combination


Translation of free and fixed word combinations

Corpora are mainly used in translating of parallel texts, i.e., identical texts from two or more languages. Comparative method is used here in terms of comparing language using aspect and cultural aspect as well. Moreover, corpora provide a translator with a wide range of different translation techniques when trying to find the best equivalent that would be appropriately used in a given context. That is why the aim of the article is to analyse the translation of free and fixed word combinations from the English into the Slovak language. The research material used is the Slovak National Corpus. The article will be primarily focused on five chosen adjectival-noun word combinations from the topic of human relationships. Based on the research findings, it can be concluded that not all collocations in the source language are collocations in the target language at the same time. Thus, the context seems to play a very important and decisive role in the process of translating word combinations.

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