Pár poznámok k terminológii a neologizmom v lokalizácii videohier


  • Marián Kabát Filozofická fakulta, Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave, Slovensko


localization, video game, terminology, neologism


Some Notes on Terminology and Neologisms in Video Game Localization

The paper focuses on terminology and neologisms and their typology in video games. It defines video games as a specialized type of communication and then presents three different types of discourse that take place in the video game industry. This is done in order to show that video game terminology varies and goes beyond a video game per se (e.g., terminology from technology or pop culture). Then the paper presents a video game terminology typology that is based upon a video game corpus made up of Minecraft (a corpus of 42,058 words) and its analysis, but it demonstrates relevant terminology from other video games as well. The point of this analysis is to show that video game terminology is very fluid and video games are a field where new words enter and leave the lexicon quite frequently. Yet video game terminology should still be studied as such classifications can help during the creation of terminology databases.

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Kabát, Marián. 2022. Pár poznámok k terminológii a neologizmom v lokalizácii videohier. In: Nová filologická revue, 14(1), 28–40. Available at: https://doi.org/10.24040/nfr.2022.14.1.28-40